Our Technology

Gardia Medical’s proprietary Deliver, Lock and Deploy (DLD) technology enables in-situ locking of cardiovascular devices such as EPD’s onto a standard guide wire. Its modular approach provides a unique and elegant solution for the interventional physician. 

The technology allows the clinician to use his/her guide wire of choice without affecting the standard procedure workflow, enhancing high deliverability to facilitate successful passage through challenging anatomies.

The advanced mechanical locking mechanism and stand-alone filter are delivered via a delivery catheter, and can be positioned in any location along the vessel without compromising wire performance and support. The mechanism is remotely activated from the proximal end, locking and deploying the stand alone filter onto the independent guide wire, creating an in-situ embolic protection unit.


Gardia Medical's technology sets a new standard of care for the cardiovascular interventional field; leading to an extended use of the technology in current applications and expanding into new procedures such as coronary, renal, lower limbs and transcatheter valve interventions.

Proprietary Technology:

  • Free choice of guide wire
  • Complete control over filter position  in the vessel
  • Simple, familiar and intuitive operation
  • Seamless integration with standard workflow
  • Excellent deliverability, support and stability
  • Superior retrieval technology
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