Company Overview

Allium Medical Solutions is a medical device company publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange  (TASE: ALMD).  Allium is dedicated to minimally invasive technologies with a focus on delivering shareholder value.  Allium operates through three business units:

Allium® Site Specific Stents  - Allium Medical offers long term, fully covered, expandable and retrievable metal stents. The Allium stents are anatomically and functionally compatible to specific organs for the treatment of obstructions in the urinary and GI tract.

The EndoFast® Reliant system - Soft Tissue Fixation Technology:
The EndoFast core technology is the unique Spider Fastener for soft tissue fixation of mesh to any soft tissue. The product is used for repair of pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence.

The Gardia WIRION® - WIRION is a CE approved embolic protection device for use in stenting procedures. It is the only system that allows the physician to use any guide-wire of choice throughout the entire procedure, cross challenging anatomies with confidence, and lock the filter on the guide wire anywhere along the wire.

Headquartered in Caesarea, Israel, Allium has 40 employees with products sold in over 30 countries.

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