The WIRION is a distal embolic protection system comprised of an independent Filter Unit that can be delivered, locked and deployed on any commercially marketed guide wires, according to physician preference, anywhere on the wire, in minimally invasive interventional procedures.

Gardia Medical’s Embolic Protection System allows the physician to use any 0.014" guide wire of choice throughout the entire procedure, cross challenging anatomies with confidence, and lock the filter on the same guide wire anywhere along the wire.

The one size system covers vessels ranging between 3.5mm and 6.0mm in diameter. Its uniform 120µ pore filter provides continuous blood flow while maintaining embolic capture efficiency.

Gardia Medical’s Embolic Protection System is CE marked.


Delivery Catheter
The rapid exchange delivery catheter is provided with a pre-loaded filter and requires no prepping prior to use. The unique technology allows the filter to be delivered to the target position over the guide wire of choice, and then locked and deployed anywhere on the guide wire, providing optimal side branch protection without compromising wire support and stability.


Retrieval Catheter
The Retrieval Catheter is a unique catheter that ensures safe and easy crossing of the stented area for filter retrieval. The Retrieval Catheter with its conic soft tip is introduced over the wire, smoothly advancing along the wire and across the stented area. Once the catheter reaches the filter site, a slide handle at the catheter proximal end allows soft tip retraction into the catheter body followed by standard filter retrieving.

This new approach improves deliverability across area of challenging anatomies and extreme situations often encountered with challenging stent designs e.g. open cell design.

The Gardia Medical Embolic Protection System is currently designed for use in stenting procedures such as carotid, renal, lower limbs, coronary and SVG angioplasty.

Gardia Medical’s Embolic Protection System is CE marked and FDA cleared.

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