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Allium’s Ureteral Stents are self-expanding large caliber stents, 24Fr – 30Fr (8 and 10mm) in diameter, made of a super elastic alloy covered by a polymeric material for preventing tissue ingrowth.

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The Allium Ureteral Stents are intended for temporary, long or short-term use in malignant or benign chronic Ureteral Stenosis as well as various complications management indicatiosn. Allium Ureteral Stents are mounted on a ready to use 10Fr delivery system and the procedure can be performed either retrogradely or percutaneously.

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  • The Stent can be placed for a long indwelling time of up to 3 years (with follow up)
  • Prevents Tissue in growth
  • Easy insertion and stent positioning
  • Provides excellent patient comfort
  • Has an Anti-reflux design
  • Can be placed Antegrade or retrograde insertion
  • Easy removal of the device
  • Unique anchor design

Product Models

Delivery system – the URS is inserted by endoscopic (retrograde), percutaneous (antegrade) insertion or combined antegrade & retrograde insertion into the ureter. Stent sizes available in diameters of 8mm (24 Fr), 9mm (27Fr) and 10mm (30 Fr).Lengths of 80mm, 100mm or 120mm and 200mm for retrograde system without an anchor.

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