BUS-Bulbar Stents

Bulbar Stents

The Allium BUS stent for bulbar strictures is designed specifically for the treatment of recurrent strictures along the bulbar urethra. This new generation of bulbar stents is fully covered, self-expandable, and large in caliber to match the contours of the bulbar urethral lumen. The main body acts as a mold to allow forming a large urethral lumen, and the dynamic sphincteric segment prevents sphincteric dysfunction that may cause incontinence. The Allium Bulbar Stent is intended for a long-term use of up to 3 years and is designed to be removed easily and safely even after this long indwelling period.

  • The Allium Bulbar stent (BUS) can be used at any stage when treating Bulbar Urethra Strictures:
  • Replacing repeated  dilations within short periods
  • Replacing repeated Urethrotomies
  • Prior to Bulbar Plasty
  • Following failure of Bulbar Plasty/Flap surgery

Studies have shown that after an optical urethrotomy, temporary stents left indwelling for a period of 12-14 months can prevent recurrent stenosis in up to 70% of patients. The BUS stent can be used utilizing the above technique, in order to achieve these outcomes. Since the BUS stent is not changing the anatomy it is therefore a reversible non anatomy changing, minimally invasive alternative to more invasive procedures.

Product Models

  • Delivery system – the BUS is mounted on a Rigid deployment system of 22Fr
  • Stent lengths available: 50mm, 60mm, 80mm and 80mm in reverse model (80-R) – all with 45 Fr caliber.

Main Features:

Long indwelling time of
up to 3 years

Preservation of sexual function

Excellent voiding control

Easy insertion under topical anesthesia

Excellent patient comfort

Easy stent removal

Clinical Research