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IBI system is proud to present its novel technology for the repair of female pelvis floor prolapse. Allium has developed two unique minimally invasive kits for the repair of such prolapse, the two proprietary kits allow both vaginal repair as well as a laparoscopic repair approach (SCP) based on the clinical need and the physician’s decision.

By using the spider fastener and its ability to secure any type of mesh to any type of soft tissue, the kits facilitate a true minimally invasive solution.

The Spider fastener instead of “Drilling/penetrating” into tissue’s depth in order to achieve a high holding force is penetrating only 2mm into any type of tissue, achieving high holding force by spreading its arms in a shallow surface area of through its design. By doing so, it avoids nerve damage, blood vessel damage, discomfort and provides a true minimally invasive solution and a simple approach to the pelvic floor prolapse repair

 This system employs a novel technology that enables a minimally invasive technique for reinforcement of the vaginal wall using IBI’s Spider Fastener™ technology. The procedure is performed trans-vaginally with direct palpation and visualization, without blind trocar passage. Therefore less trauma and damage to adjacent organs is expected as compared to current conventional techniques.