EndoFast Resorb

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The EndoFast Resorb™ is indicated for fixation of surgical mesh to tissues for tissue reinforcement during minimally invasive procedures.

This product is an extension of the currently existing technology, the EndoFast Reliant System. It was developed with all basic concepts preserved with the additional advance into the world of resorbable materials. This refined technology provides doctors and patients with an even safer fixation mechanism which does not stay in the body, thereby helping to avoid pain, prevent the collateral effect of dyspareunia, eliminate the potential problem of chronic tissue reaction and granulation process, and in general eliminate the need for the body to cope with a permanent foreign body.

The EndoFast Resorb kit contains:

  • Operating handle and 5 Fixation Devices preloaded with the Spider Fastener
  • The Spider Fastener is provided with a Fastener Retrieval Unit that enables facile retrieval of the deployed Fastener
  • An Extraction Device, used with the Fastener Retrieval Unit to ensure facile retrieval of the deployed Fastener.
  • The mesh used with the system is a pre cut Polypropylene monofilament Surgical Mesh

EndoFast ResorbSpider fastener is an absorbable fastener made out of common, well known and approved polymers. The fastener degrades and is absorbed by hydrolysis. The absorption profile in the first 12 weeks after initial implantation is minimal with a significant absorption rate seen in the period of 3 months. Following this significant breakdown of the polymer, absorption is essentially complete within 3 years.



The resorbable “Spider Fastener” is the only resorbable fastener used for trans-vaginal approach and it maintains all the major advantages including:

  1. High pull out force
  2. Retrivability option
  3. Flexibility in the type of soft tissue attachment

* Product is currently in stages of regulatory approvals