Ureteric Stents

Allium’s large caliber,
ureteral stent


Ureteric Stents

Allium’s large caliber,
ureteral stent


Allium’s Ureteral Stents are self-expanding large caliber stents, 24Fr – 30Fr (8mm, 9mm and 10mm) in diameter, made of a super elastic nitinol alloy covered by a unique polymer, which offers long term treatment options for “simple obstructions” as well as complication management.

The Allium Ureteral Stents are intended for temporary, long or short-term use in malignant or benign Ureteral strictures, as well as a first /second line treatment option in various complications management indications. Allium Ureteral Stents are mounted on a ready-to-use 10Fr delivery system and the procedure can be performed either retrogradely or percutaneously.

The Allium stent benefits:

  • Long indwelling time of up to 3 years
  • Fully prevents tissue in growth
  • Easy insertion and stent positioning
  • Excellent patient comfort
  • Anti-reflux design
  • Can be placed Antegrade or retrograde
  • Easy removal of the device by simple use of graspers
  • Unique anti – migration anchor design

Product Models

Delivery system – the URS can be inserted using an endoscopic (retrograde), percutaneous (antegrade) insertion or a combined antegrade & retrograde insertion into the ureter. Stent sizes available in diameters of:

8mm (24 Fr)
9mm  (27Fr)
10mm (30 Fr).

Lengths of 80mm, 100mm,120mm and 200mm for retrograde system without an anchor, 100mm and 120mm with ancchor

Main Features:

Long indwelling time of up to 3 years

Prevention of tissue ingrowth

Excellent voiding control

Easy insertion under topical anesthesia

Excellent patient comfort

Easy stent removal

Clinical Data